Companies and Businesses Registration Integrated System

Getting Started with CBRIS in 5 Steps

  • STEP
    Register for an account
  • STEP
    Set password
  • STEP
    Grant Access
    *System administrator must give access rights to all users and companies registered under their respective account. Access to Companies is not required for filing of Incorporation, Reservation of Name and Business Registration.
    How to grant access to users:
    Go to Access Control Management to:
    1. Grant Company Access
    2. Grant Menu Access
  • STEP
    Purchase package
    *Purchase of package is NOT applicable for Yearly Fees, Trade Fees, submission of XBRL.
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    Start filing

All Announcements

  • Dear Valued User,

    Filing for F27 Transfer Of Shares is now feasible via the online platform.

    Kindly note that only one transaction is allowed per application.

    Thank you for your kind understanding.

    From CBRD

  • IFRS Taxonomy 2020

    Dear Valued User,
    Kindly take note of this Communique from the Registered of Companies, Corporate and Business Registration Department

    MNS Team

  • We welcome any feedback or complaint from our users, in order to improve our services.

    Should you have any, please send an email to


    MNS, in collaboration with the CBRD, is organising workshops on XBRL. Please find the calendar for 2022 hereunder:

    Sessions Date
    Sessions 1 13th January, 2022
    Sessions 2 16th February, 2022
    Sessions 3 16th March, 2022
    Sessions 4 14th April, 2022
    Sessions 5 17th May, 2022
    Sessions 6 16th June, 2022
    Sessions 7 14h July, 2022
    Sessions 8 17th August, 2022
    Sessions 9 15th September, 2022
    Sessions 10 18th October, 2022
    Sessions 11 15th November, 2022
    Sessions 12 08th December, 2022

    A non-refundable nominal fee of Rs700 + VAT is chargeable per participant. The following will be covered:

    - How to download and install the XBRL iFile Tool

    - Using the iFile Tool to generate XBRL documents

    - Submitting the XBRL document to CBRD through CBRIS Portal

    - View Filing Status

    Venue: Mauritius Network Services Ltd
    Training Centre
    Silicon Avenue Cybercity Ebene, 72201

    Time : 09:30 to 12:00

    Number of participants: maximum 14 participants per session

    For booking/participation: Please contact MNS Customer Service on 4016805 or by email